Nothing More to Tell

Every now and then I read a YA mystery book and wish these types of books existed when I was a teen. Don’t get me wrong, Sweet Valley High was a great series. I won’t even try to compare anything to my beloved Nancy Drew.

But there’s something about Karen McManus’ books that bring out old-fashioned mystery nostalgia for me.

I’m not sure if it’s the fast pacing, the quick-read, the flawed characters, the stupid mistakes or the character growth that makes getting through Karen’s whodunit is a fun journey.

This time our main character becomes an amateur sleuth at her high school to unveil who killed a teacher.

This book had SO MANY red herrings. I love when I try to guess the killer and get it wrong every time. That’s what happened for me in this book.

NOTHING MORE TO TELL would be a great read for teens starting high school that won’t feel like the “dreaded summer reading” books. It’s a mixed bag of mystery, romance and, of course, murder.

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing for an e-copy of NOTHING MORE TO TELL to review.

I rate NOTHING MORE TO TELL five out of five stars.

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