Death by Bubble Tea

DEATH BY BUBBLE TEA, by Jennifer Chow, pours a fun cozy mystery into a light-bulb glass (when you read this book, you’ll understand the reference).

This book, by Jennifer Chow, had so many things going for it. Family loyalty, the FOOD (holy moly, the food), and MURDER. This was a fun, relaxing mystery which was just what I needed during a stressful week. While cozy mysteries are on the lighter side of a murder mystery, they often provide the comfort and, well, cozy relaxing read we sometimes need.

Yale just got laid off at her beloved bookstore job. Her Instagram-worthy cousin, Celine, is visiting from Hong Kong. Yale is tasked with teaming up with Celine to have a food cart at a night event in their town. Someone dies after drinking Yale’s tea. All clues point to Yale and Celine and – there’s your mystery.

I loved Yale. She reminded me so much of myself in my twenties. She was a shy introvert who turned to books for companionship. Celine started off snobby, but grew into someone who valued things other than money by the end of the story.

I thought the pace of solving the mystery was a tad slow. DEATH BY BUBBLE TEA needed more conflict and perhaps red herrings.

I can’t wait for Jennifer’s next book. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Yale finds a love interest. That gal desperately needs one. For the next book I’m going to start reading it with a hot bowl of noodles and bubble tea.

Thank you NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for an e-copy of DEATH BY BUBBLE TEA, by Jennifer J. Chow, to review.

I rate DEATH BY BUBBLE TEA four out of five stars.

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