Slenderman, Online Obsession, Mental Illness and the Violent Crime of Two Midwestern Girls

Kathleen Hale takes a deep dive into the 2014 Slenderman stabbing case. Two young girls stabbed their classmate as an act of loyalty to the online folk lore figure, “Slenderman.”

I remember reading about the Slenderman case when it happened. I’ve always been fascinated with what was the reasoning that drove the two girls to plot and stab their friend – at 12 years old.

This story has layers upon layers of information about mental illness and how that relates to our online usage, not to mention what “tales” are believed by children. We could also go into a deep analysis of medication for mentally ill children and whether they could ever be functioning adults after committing a horrendous crime, but alas, it’s too much to cover.

For the review, I’ll stick to Kathleen’s writing of SLENDERMAN. I learned a LOT. I remember hearing about the case and following it slightly in the news.

The book delves into what happened with a lot of details and WHY the stabbing happened. We also learn of the aftermath – the interrogations, the detention center, mental institution, therapy, court cases, medications (or not). We also learn a bit about what happened to all three girls’ families in the years to come.

It was obvious Kathleen researched the case thoroughly. The details she wrote were helpful in seeing what really happened.

I wish she had been able to find out more about how the families are currently doing. I hope everyone involved has found a way to move on, but I’m sure it’s still something they deal with each day.

Thank you to NetGalley and Grove Atlantic for providing me an e-book copy of SLENDERMAN, by Kathleen Hale, to review.

I rate SLENDERMAN, by Kathleen Hale, four out of five stars.

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