One of the Girls

Greece is the backdrop for Lucy Clarke’s locked-estate mystery. ONE OF THE GIRLS is told by multiple characters who each have their own set of secrets.

I love plots set at bachelorette parties – ESPECIALLY British ones, called “hen-dos.” Throw in a locked-estate mystery in Greece alongside six women who have frenemy pasts and ah, this makes for a great summer read by Lucy Clarke.

Told from each woman’s point-of-view ONE OF THE GIRLS is a story that weaves each character together. These were childhood best friends, lovers, a future sister-in-law and a new-found friend all tied together by the bride’s upcoming nuptials.

The story dips in and out of the Greece waters on an estate that overlooks a cliff … you can see where this is going.

Secrets of past and present are told. There’s lots of day-drinking, skinny-dipping, backhanded compliments, open snark – this story has it all.

The one issue I have is the six points-of-view are a bit hard to keep up with.

This would be a good read for those who like mysteries (duh), dream of traveling to Greece, have close female friendships or have lost close female friendships.

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group Putnam for an e-copy of ONE OF THE GIRLS to review.

I rate ONE OF THE GIRLS four out of five stars.

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