Prom House

PROM HOUSE, by Chelsea Mueller, has a fantastic premise – high school kids rent a secluded house for prom night to have fun and instead end up trying to stay alive from a flood and a murderer.

When I saw the premise and the cover (sometimes I judge books by the covers, I admit it), I thought this one was right up my locked-room alley. I enjoy a good mystery in which people are trapped in some small space, house, manor, elevator, ship, island, etc… where escape is near impossible.

This one had all the elements of a fun, hopefully dark, Young Adult mystery: prom weekend, secluded, huge rented house, high school kids, new romances, old romances, no parents, gruesome murders, no electricity, no phone service, a FLOOD. The premise was great, the story itself was bland.

Ten people share a prom house at the Jersey Shore for the weekend. Every one of them has a secret . . . and when they begin to die one by one, panic ensues. Could somebody’s prom date also be . . . a killer?

PROM HOUSE did not have a lot of character development and the most important part of the weekend – the prom – was barely discussed. Of course, the post-prom activities are what most teens are interested in. Getting away from their parents, drinking alcohol, being with their “significant other”, wink, wink, are what a lot of teens look forward to on prom night. But the prom was overlooked in the plot.

I did enjoy the overall creepiness of the house, as well as the flooding which left no room for escape.

PROM HOUSE has an R.L. Stine’s Fear Street feel to it, but falls a bit short.

I think most readers of PROM HOUSE would look for nods to “Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie, but then again, I think most of the readers for PROM HOUSE would be teenagers. Most likely they haven’t read, or even heard of Agatha, but alas, hopefully they will discover her one day.

Getting back to PROM HOUSE – this book is a quick popcorn read for a thundering, raining Saturday night or laying out next to the pool with your friends. I feel this review is turning into a very “Get Off My Lawn” commentary. Teen readers, however, will love it.

I rate PROM HOUSE three out of five stars. 

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